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Welcome to True Grit Consulting Ltd.


True Grit is a Canadian owned company of Professional Engineers, Geoscientists, Industrial Hygienists, Occupational Health & Safety Specialists, Air Quality Professionals and Technologists providing engineering, air and environmental services throughout Northern Ontario and Western Canada.


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True Grit Consulting Limited Contributes $25,000 to the Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign

True Grit Consulting Limited Contributes $25,000 to the Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign


True Grit Consulting Limited (TGCL) is very proud to support the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation’s Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign by way of a $25,000 contribution.


Exceptional Cancer Care to some, is the high-tech tools  used to first detect and eliminate cancer cells. To others, it is the compassion and care they receive from the Thunder Bay Regional Cancer Care team. Today, more people are living with cancer than dying from it. That is because campaigns like Exceptional Cancer Care, raise the much needed funding to ensure the people in our community receive Exceptional Diagnoses and Exceptional Treatments. We also cannot forget the Exceptional Research that improves the odds each and every day for those fighting cancer.


True Grit's generous donation of $25,000 to the Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign is putting state-of-the-art equipment in the hands of our cancer care professionals. Their philanthropic vision to support healthcare in our community means that we can ensure that our families, our friends and our neighbours have the very best opportunity to survive cancer.” – Paul Fitzpatrick, Chair, Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign.


As a locally owned and regionally operated firm, True Grit Consulting Limited is not only committed to providing engineering solutions for the environment, we are dedicated to ensuring the health of the people in the communities in which we live and serve.


For more information about the Exceptional Cancer Campaign, please visit:

www.healthsciencesfoundation.ca/ECC or  www.healthsciencesfoundation.ca.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to exceed our client's expectations. Quite simply, we strive to serve our clients with something our competitors don't - true grit.